Poland: Masuria, a haven for cheese makers who fled the cities

Warpuny (Poland) (AFP) - The sheep are in the meadow, the cheeses, in a maturation room on the ground floor, while in the attic-living room a cascade of harmonious sounds flows from an old piano: the Masuria, known for its large lakes, is also the homeland of Polish ex-city cheese makers.

Poland, a country with a great agricultural tradition, is already a European superpower with regard to the production of poultry or apples.Will it ever be the same for farmhouse cheeses?

- "Make sheep" -

"The small cheesemakers are around a thousand and each week I discover two or three new ones that are launching," said food critic Gieno Mientkiewicz, a great lover of cheeses, AFP.They are often, he adds, "cultivated city dwellers who left interesting positions in big companies to seek silence, greenery and different way of life".A current recalling France after May 68, when hippie communities had dreamed of "making sheep in the Causses ".

The story of Rancho Frontiera owner in Warpuny, Ruslan Kozynko, provides an example.

Originally from Ukraine, this classical pianist, composer and mountaineer lived in the big city of Poznan; his wife, Sylwia Szlandrowicz, studied agriculture.

When they decide to realize their bucolic dream, about twenty years ago, and acquire a ruined farm of 17 hectares, they start by setting up a riding school.But this does not bring much and they turn to cheeses.

"We did not take a vacation for almost 15 years before reaching a certain standard of living and comfort," says Kozynko.

Their cows are of Jersey breed, originally from the British island of Jersey.Quite small, with tawny hair, shaded with brown and gray, they give very fatty milk "with exceptional taste".

Posted Date: 2020-06-30

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