The essential equipment to reach the highest summits.

The essential equipment to reach the highest summits.

When we talk about mountaineering, it’s because we evolve in high mountains. To hike on glaciers and to climb mountains you need specific equipment.

People who are fond of climbing will already have equipment to start climbing. We are thinking of harnesses, belay systems, carabiners, quickdraws and helmets, among other things.

However, to take on the most beautiful panoramas, you will also need: mountaineering boots, crampons, ice axe(s), a set of ice screws if necessary, and of course clothing and a rucksack suitable for the high mountains.

How to choose your ice axe

One of the first purchases that will be made when you equip yourself for mountaineering is the acquisition of an ice axe. The ice axe is the emblem of mountaineering. It is very often used, from glacier hiking to ice climbing. The choice of your route will determine which ice axe is used.  For mixed races a more versatile ice axe will be used.

Mountaineering boots

Classic hiking boots won’t be enough for you to venture into the high mountains, if you have trouble finding mountaineering boots, turn to second-hand mountaineering boots, which will be cheaper and environmentally friendly. You will therefore need to equip yourself with rigid or semi-rigid boots that will have to meet 4 important factors: Protection, safety, performance and of course comfort. In addition to offering excellent support, mountaineering boots ensure good grip to guarantee optimal safety on the most uncertain supports.


Mountaineering backpacks come in a variety of sizes, generally between 20 and 45 litres. They are light, accessorized and generally waterproof. Ergonomic and functional, the mountaineering backpack will allow you to face all types of terrain. Special attention is given to allow access to the main equipment such as ice axes and crampons.

The different models of crampons

Crampons are part of basic mountaineering equipment and can be used in many cases:

Glacier trekking, ice climbing, mixed climbing or ski mountaineering.

They must be easy to use, solid and high-performance.

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